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Why Energy Efficiency Matters:

Valerie Bennett is with the Office of Energy Efficiency within Natural Resources Canada. This blog post highlights her insights into the evolving landscape of sustainable energy practices from her appearance on the Reimagined Energy Podcast.

The Importance of Energy Efficiency

In a nutshell, energy efficiency is about using energy more wisely by avoiding unnecessary consumption or employing more efficient devices. There are two key aspects to its importance:

  • Emission Reduction: Using less energy directly correlates with reduced carbon emissions, particularly when fossil fuels are still prevalent in energy generation. Valerie highlights that energy efficiency is the most cost-effective method to curb energy use and emissions.
  • Managing Peak Demand: Efficient energy use during peak consumption periods is crucial. By reducing demand during peak times, you minimize higher emission generation technologies and cut down on the infrastructure costs associated with peak demand periods.

The Role of Utility Companies in Energy Efficiency

Valerie clarifies that utility companies make money through infrastructure, not the amount of energy sold. Regulatory bodies like the Ontario Energy Board decide on infrastructure investments. Demand-side management programs, funded by energy customers, emerged to reduce the need for expansive energy systems and benefit both customers and utility companies.

Programs Driving Energy Efficiency

Valerie shared various programs that are currently driving energy efficiency, such as the Oil to Heat Pump Affordability program, and industrial energy efficiency initiatives. These programs, along with collaborations between different levels of government, aim to make energy efficiency accessible and financially viable across sectors.

Valerie recommends using tools like the Enercan website to explore federal, provincial, and municipal programs based on location and customer type. The diverse funding streams ensure that individuals and businesses can find tailored solutions for their energy efficiency goals.

Embracing a Holistic Approach to Planning

Valerie advocates for a more holistic approach to energy planning. To move away from siloed thinking and focus on delivering energy services rather than just meeting electricity or gas demands.

This approach aligns with the evolving sustainability landscape, considering economic, social, and environmental factors.

The renewed focus on decarbonization has infused the industry with excitement and optimism. Valerie expresses her inspiration at witnessing diverse contributions from individuals, like podcasters spreading awareness, and remains hopeful for a future where sustainable energy practices become the norm.

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