Insights about reimagining energy and creating a sustainable future


From Waste to Watts with UPEI

Dr. Yulin Hu at UPEI innovates in alternative energy, converting waste into fuel, producing hydrogen, and reducing CO2 emissions through sustainable practices in biofuels and biomaterials research.

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From Carbon Footprints to EV Blueprints

From Carbon Footprints to EV Blueprints podcast discusses EV adoption, infrastructure, policies, and collaboration, emphasizing education and opportunities for sustainable mobility. Featuring Maria McGowan and Jeff Turner.

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The EV-olution of Rental Cars

A discussion on the rise of the EV industry, its challenges, and the impact of Rent Electric in rentals, emphasizing education, innovation, and the evolving role of car dealerships and community engagement.

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Meeting Tomorrow’s Energy Demands

Explore Claire Harris’s journey from coal to nuclear power, the rise of renewables, and the importance of diversity and inclusion in shaping a sustainable energy future. Discover insights into meeting future energy demands collaboratively.

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Using AI to Make Your Home Greener

Climative is a tech company using AI to help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint. It covers topics like low carbon buildings, climate responsibility, rebates, carbon scores on mortgages, and the ROI of retrofitting homes.

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Step-by-Step Insights from a Leading Solar Installer

Renew Energy Solutions leads solar energy adoption in Charlotte, NC, offering residential and commercial solar installations, battery storage, and EV chargers. Learn about solar energy benefits, myths dispelled, installation processes, and financial advantages with industry expert insights.

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Discover how ARC Clean Technology is shaping the future of nuclear energy, providing a safe, sustainable, and efficient alternative to meet the increasing global energy demand.

Small Modular Reactors Are Changing the Game

In the midst of a global push towards sustainable energy solutions, ARC Clean Technology emerges as a leader in the nuclear sector, bringing groundbreaking small modular reactor (SMR) technology to the forefront. With the ARC-100 reactor, ARC Clean Technology promises a future of clean, efficient energy production, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and furthering the goal for a sustainable, net-zero world.

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energy efficiency with valerie bennett on the reimagined energy podcast
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