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How ThinkWell Shift Empowers Sustainable Choices

In this era of escalating environmental crisis, it is essential to promote sustainable habits and resource conservation. Maria McGowan and Ruvi Mugara from ThinkWell Shift, an organization dedicated to behavior change, share their insights on empowering individuals towards sustainability in the latest episode of the Reimagined Energy podcast. They discuss the challenges people often face in making sustainable choices due to inadequate information and a feeling of powerlessness.

The Power of Choice

“Making change through choice” – this motto forms the core of ThinkWell Shift’s approach to engendering behavioural change. They believe in transforming convoluted sustainability concepts into understandable, actionable steps that motivate everyone. The journey begins with simple behaviours, turning off unnecessary lights and conserving water, and gradually progressing towards embracing larger changes such as investing in energy-efficient technologies.

Demystifying Sustainability

A common misconception is that large organizations bear most of the blame for pollution and climate change, making individual efforts seem inconsequential. Addressing this belief, ThinkWell Shift offers approachable information and empowers individuals to be accountable for their actions. Celebrating minor achievements and offering choices encourages people to overcome their hesitation and embrace sustainability, regardless of their knowledge or financial status.

Greener Career Paths

Ruvi underscores that sustainability is not confined to those from technical or scientific backgrounds. Opportunities abound for those with varied interests – from outdoor pursuits and technology to architecture. ThinkWell Shift encourages individuals to explore these opportunities and infuse sustainability into their chosen fields

Planting Seeds of Change: The Role of Youth Education

Education plays a pivotal role in behavioural change, particularly when it comes to connecting children and young adults with the issue of climate change. Through their work with schools and youth, ThinkWell Shift aims to harness the unique perspective and enthusiasm of younger generations to inspire families and communities to embrace sustainability.

Adapting to a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges for ThinkWell Shift, restricting in-person consultations and home visits due to safety concerns. The organization, however, demonstrated resilience by pivoting towards offering virtual consultations, enforcing safety measures, and maintaining open communication to ensure that both their staff and clients’ comfort and safety were upheld.

In this critical moment for our planet, every step towards sustainability is a stride towards hope. By tuning into the compelling conversations on the Reimagined Energy podcast, you’ll find yourself inspired by stories of innovation, resilience, and community engagement in the face of environmental challenges. With new episodes released every week at ReimaginedEnergy.com, join us on a journey of discovery and empowerment. Listen, learn, and be part of the global movement towards a sustainable future.


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