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As North America’s leading manufacturer of heavy-duty electric and medium-duty vehicles, Lion Electric is setting the pace in the transportation sector with its innovative and sustainable mobility solutions. In a recent engaging conversation with Christopher A-Ralph, the head of the sustainable mobility division at Lion Electric, the company’s transformative mission and growing impact on the electricity grid were explored in depth, offering a glimpse into an electrifying future.

Manufacturing Excellence

Highlighting a proud “Made in Canada” label, Lion Electric’s manufacturing prowess extends across a wide range of electric vehicles, including a variety ranging from Class A to Class 8 buses and trucks. With a production capacity of about 30 school buses weekly, Lion Electric’s commitment to manufacturing excellence is brought to life in its factories located in Saint-Gérôme, Mirabel in Quebec, and recently opened million-square-foot factory in Joliet, Illinois, earmarked to cater to the American market.

Transforming the Grid: Vehicle-to-Grid Integration and Technology

One of Lion Electric’s most intriguing offerings is its vehicles’ seamless integration with the electrical grid. Thanks to innovative vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, the company’s vehicle batteries can not only power the vehicles themselves but also feed electricity back onto the grid when needed. This reciprocity allows Lion Electric’s V2G-compliant vehicles to function as distributed energy resources, fortifying the grid during peak demand periods and supplying zero-emission electricity to communities.

Shifting the Peak with Electric Vehicles

Lion Electric is revolutionizing grid interaction with mobility by leveraging electric vehicles’ charging patterns. Charging these vehicles overnight can effectively balance the grid by utilizing excess electricity generated during off-peak hours. Even more impressively, Lion Electric’s fleet of electric vehicles, such as buses, can cumulatively provide a power output that parallels that of a hydro dam. This heralds new opportunities for industrial conservation and demand response programs.

Looking Ahead: Lion Electric and the Future of Sustainable Mobility

Lion Electric’s dedication to sustainable mobility transcends the manufacturing of electric vehicles. The company is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and broadening its product range. Collaborations with Demers Ambulances to introduce clean and efficient emergency medical services hint at the exciting future ahead. Additionally, Lion Electric’s active involvement in vehicle-to-grid pilot projects lends further promise to the potential of backfilling energy during outages.

Lion Electric is spearheading the clean mobility revolution, crafting a new narrative for grid operations, and incorporating renewable energy into the transportation sector. As demand for electric vehicles escalates, Lion Electric’s significant impact on the grid and society at large is set to grow exponentially, driving us towards a greener, more efficient future.

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