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Aecon's Journey Towards Sustainability

Aecon‘s remarkable journey towards a sustainable future has garnered attention from various stakeholders around the globe. Hired three years ago, Prabh Banga explains that their focal shift towards sustainability was primarily driven by pressing demands from their stakeholders and an emerging trend amongst their clients urging the integration of sustainability into construction practices. Aecon’s strategy revolves around two distinct facets – ‘what they build’ and ‘how they build it’.

Building Infrastructure Projects to Propel Transition to Net Zero

Aecon is committed to creating infrastructure projects that complement the transition to a net-zero future. Focusing on building advanced transit networks, utility grids, and sustainable energy systems, including home energy technologies, they aim to work in close association with clients sharing similar sustainability goals. Their efforts are centred on the decarbonization of energy systems in Canada and North America.

Integrating Sustainability into Construction Practices

Aecon is also shifting its attention towards how it carries out its construction processes. Their focus here is on minimizing their impact and exploring new technologies that can be integrated into their construction practices to further reduce emissions. They have diagnosed their typical construction site activities to explore ways of reducing their footprint and continue to scout for technological innovations feasible in construction practices.

Examples of Aecon's Advancement in Sustainable Projects

A prominent example is the Oneida project, set to become one of Canada’s largest battery storage systems. In collaboration with the Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation, Acorn Concessions, NRStore, and Northland Power, this project is aimed at providing a reliable source of capacity and energy balancing services, contributing to the decarbonization of Ontario’s energy grid. Another ambitious project is the REM advanced transit system in Montreal, anticipated to offer sustainable transportation options across the country.

Aecon's Adoption of Zero Emission Equipment and New Technologies

Ideally, every organization is focused on embracing zero-emission equipment and experimenting with new technologies like low-carbon construction materials. They have pioneered the trialling of electric construction equipment and collaborated with innovative startups in Canada to trial low-carbon concrete. These efforts not only promise a sustainable future but also open doors for their employees to incorporate this technology into their daily tasks.

Advice for Companies Aiming for the Sustainability Roadmap

Prabh Banga highlights the importance of authenticity and a focus on stakeholder desires in creating a comprehensive sustainability strategy. It is crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of what’s feasible, considering the varied challenges and technologies pertinent to different industries.

Having established its governance frameworks for sustainability over the last few years, Aecon’s future focus is on technology and innovation. They are poised to integrate the evolving technology into the field, further reducing their emissions during the construction phase of a project. Their journey towards a net-zero future not only signifies their dedication to sustainable practices but also serves as an inspiring blueprint for companies worldwide.

Aecon’s journey towards sustainability, focusing on sustainable infrastructure, zero-emission equipment, and integrating new technologies to achieve net-zero emissions in construction practices.

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