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Episode: 17

Power Play: Myths and Facts About Solar Power

John Sheldon of Renu Energy Solutions to demystify solar energy for both residential and commercial properties. John explains the planning, installation processes, and tax credits associated with solar energy. He debunks common myths surrounding solar power and highlights its numerous benefits, including protection against rising energy costs, financial savings, and increased home resale value.

Episode: 16

The Universal Language of Green Hydrogen

A conversation with Dr. Nevenka Elezovic, Research Professor at the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade. Sometimes, you must step outside your country (and continent) to see another perspective. In this case, in a recent “call for podcast guests” on a LinkedIn Renewable Energy Group, one of the responses was from Dr. Elezovic. Green hydrogen is a universal language and one that Dr. Elezovic knows quite well. Listen while we discuss the role of green hydrogen in a circular economy and how we can transition from fossil fuels to renewables globally.

Episode: 15

Energy Tech 101 with Dr. Groszko

Maria goes back to school to talk to Dr. Wayne Groszko, an applied energy research scientist at the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) to discuss the school’s work in the field of renewable and sustainable energy. Dr. Groszko and his team conduct various research projects, including the development of perovskite solar cells, testing solar panels for boats, and exploring thermal energy storage as an affordable alternative to traditional battery storage. Alongside his research, Dr. Groszko highlights the importance of involving students in these projects and providing them with hands-on experience and opportunities for career development.

Episode: 14

Port of Halifax's Renewable Voyage

The Port of Halifax is one of the world’s largest naturally deep, ice-free harbours. It is Canada’s Ultra Atlantic Gateway and a regional economic engine. Captain Allan Gray, President and CEO of the Halifax Port Authority, unveils their focus on hydrogen as a potential fuel source for large ships and their determination to become a demand aggregator for clean energy. Under the leadership of Captain Gray, they are full steam ahead on sustainability and the delicate balance of economics, community integration and the environment. Join this episode to discover how the HPA is working to determine the port’s role in the energy transition, including bunkering services, the supply of marine-related shipping fuels, and the storage and export of hydrogen-based shipping fuels.

Episode: 13

Hydrogen: Fueling the Future

Maria sits down with Mark Kirby, Senior Advisor of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, for a little science class on the elements. They discuss the limitless potential of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source and share valuable insights into the latest advancements in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Mark shares his expertise and sheds light on the role hydrogen could play in decarbonizing various sectors, such as transportation and industry.  Tune in to learn about Canada’s initiatives in the hydrogen space and how it is positioning itself as a global leader in this transformative energy sector. Don’t miss this engaging conversation that explores the future of clean energy and the pivotal role of hydrogen in shaping a greener world.

Episode: 12

Planting the Seed of Sustainability

How do we create change through the choices we make? By making small, consistent choices. Thinkwell Shift is a behaviour change company that specializes in resource conservation. They encourage people to make lasting changes in their daily lives to conserve resources such as water, energy, and waste. Maria interviews Ruvi Mugara, Director of Projects on how the company is leading the charge to educate the next generation (and ourselves) to do just that! Don’t miss this inspiring podcast episode about behavioural change and sustainability.

Episode: 11

Nuclear's Role in the Clean Energy Transition

How is nuclear energy part of the clean energy mix? Maria is joined by Fawn Zeuchner of ARC Clean Technology as they discuss the pivotal role of nuclear energy in combating climate change, meeting global energy demands, technological advancements, safety protocols, and dispelling common misconceptions. Please tune in for a fresh perspective on the remarkable potential of nuclear energy and its transformative possibilities in shaping a sustainable future.

Episode: 10

The Electrifying Potential of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Approximately 95 percent of a lithium-ion battery can be recycled into new batteries. Maria is joined by Ravi Gade, CEO of ES Recycle and an esteemed expert in lithium-ion batteries. Learn how end-of-life batteries can be reimagined and made stronger and the transformative impact they could have. Tune in to hear about Ravi’s groundbreaking research and his inspiring vision for a greener future!

Episode: 9

Charging Forward with Lion Electric

The transition to sustainable mobility will require how Canada rethinks how it interacts with its grids. Have you thought of electric vehicles being also used as portable energy storage providers when they are not in use? Think electric-powered school buses during the weekends and summer months, instead of sitting idle, they can be used to provide electricity for special events, etc. Imagine, grid to electric vehicles and vice versa. Cool, eh? Maria spoke to Christopher Ralph, Manager, Energy Solutions and Sustainable Mobility of Lion Electric, about their plans to change portable sustainable energy.

Episode: 8

Plugging Into BlockEnergy

Maria talks to Rob Bennett, CEO of Block Energy, a US-based energy company focused on developing and deploying innovative, sustainable energy solutions. Rob shares his insights on the challenges and opportunities in the energy industry and discusses Block Energy’s unique approach to sustainability, including its focus on developing advanced energy storage solutions and its commitment to creating positive social and environmental impact. Maria and Rob talk about the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving the transition into a more sustainable energy future. Tune in to hear Rob’s wealth of expertise and gain a deeper understanding of a future full of possibilities!

Episode: 7

Going the Extra Mile: Sustainable Mobility Solutions

Maria speaks with Sadiq Pirani about safe, smart, and sustainable mobility solutions in Canada, with a focus on electric and autonomous vehicles, public transportation, and bikes. Pirani shares insights on how technology can make transportation safer and more efficient while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They discuss the role of bikes in a sustainable transportation system, and how cities can promote cycling as a safe and accessible mode of transportation. Whether you’re a policy maker, transportation professional, or simply interested in the future of mobility, this conversation offers valuable insights into the path towards a cleaner, safer, and more connected Canada.

Episode: 6

Driven to Change: The Future of the Automotive Industry

Maria sits down with David Adams, President of Global Automakers of Canada, to discuss the future of the automotive industry. From electric vehicles to autonomous driving technology, they explore the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, as well as the role of government in shaping the future of transportation. Listen in for a fascinating conversation on the exciting changes that are reshaping the automotive landscape.

Episode: 5

EVAAC-uate the Gas Pump: Making the Switch to Electric Vehicles

Join Maria as she speaks with Maggie Woolsey-Gray, a board member of the Electric Vehicle Association of Atlantic Canada (EVAAC) to discuss the future of electric vehicles in the region. Maggie shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise with Maria as they talk about the benefits of EVs, including their positive impact on the environment and the potential cost savings for drivers. They also discuss the challenges facing the industry and the role EVAAC plays in supporting local policies that encourage the use of electric vehicles. Whether you’re a seasoned EV driver or just curious about the technology, the episode is an exciting look into the EV world!

Episode: 4

Sparking Sustainability in Canada's Energy Landscape

In this episode, Maria sits down with Valerie Bennett, a leading expert on energy efficiency. Valerie highlights the benefits and opportunities of adopting energy-efficient technologies and practices and the challenges and barriers that need to be addressed. They delve into the latest initiatives, programs, and policies at NRCan to promote energy-efficient practices. Join us for an engaging conversation on the role of energy efficiency in building a more sustainable future.

Episode: 3

Shedding Light on Energy Poverty

This week, Maria is joined by Abhi Kantamneni, a researcher at Efficiency Canada, about his work on energy poverty. They explore the definition of energy poverty and how it affects communities, including its link to health issues, economic challenges, and climate change. Abhi shares his insights on policies and programs that can help alleviate energy poverty, highlighting successful initiatives from around the world. Finally, we delve into the future of energy poverty and the need for collaboration and long-term solutions. Whether you’re a policy-maker, energy professional, or concerned citizen, this episode provides valuable insights into one of the most pressing issues of our time.

Episode: 2

The EVolution of Electric Vehicles in Canada

In this episode, Maria interviews Emma Jarratt, Executive Editor of Electric Autonomy Canada, a leading publication covering the latest news and developments in the world of electric vehicles. Emma shares insights on the industry’s current state, the latest advancements in EV technology, and the future of electric mobility.

Episode: 1

Taking HalifACTion against Climate Change

Welcome to the very first episode of our podcast! In this exciting kickoff, Maria has the pleasure of speaking with Shannon Miedema, a highly experienced director at Halifax Regional Municipality. Shannon dives into her work with HalifACT, an active organization committed to reducing the effects of climate change in Halifax, and shares fascinating insights on the innovative strategies being implemented to shape the city’s future sustainably. She also delves into the challenges and opportunities that arise when working towards a more environmentally conscious tomorrow. Join us for an illuminating discussion on the critical role of HalifACT in shaping not only the future of Halifax, but the planet as a whole.

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