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A weekly renewable energy podcast

Conversations with influential experts, academia, and organizations leading the way in sustainable business and clean technology.

About Reimagined Energy Podcast

The world’s energy systems are undergoing unprecedented rapid transformation

These rapid changes call for new business models and the creation of innovative technologies. As consumers, we are becoming more aware of where our energy comes from and how we can reduce the strain on the grid. 

A fresh outlook on renewable energy

By engaging experts in a neutral, fact-based discussion, Reimagined Energy stimulates your thoughts and creativity, introduces you to new opportunities, and provides information on how energy is being reimagined.

Weekly Episodes

Once a week, we feature a new interview with influential experts, academia, and organizations leading the way in sustainability and clean technology. We’re talking (and educating) our way to net zero.

Short and Snappy

Every episode has a maximum duration of 25 minutes. Our research indicates that this is the ideal length, considering everyone’s busy schedules; we get straight to the point.

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Latest Episode

Power Play: Myths and Facts About Solar Power

If you’ve ever wondered whether solar energy is the right choice for you, this episode will provide the answers you need. John Sheldon of Renu Energy Solutions joins Maria to demystify solar energy for both residential and commercial properties. John explains the planning, installation processes, and tax credits associated with solar energy. He debunks common myths surrounding solar power and highlights its numerous benefits, including protection against rising energy costs, financial savings, and increased home resale value. Gain valuable knowledge and make an informed decision about harnessing the sun’s power to your benefit.

About The Host

Maria McGowan

Finally, acting on her keen personal interest in renewable energy, Maria is learning all she can as she and her family continue to make some key changes in this area that already include an EV and solar panels. Reimagined Energy covers the process of energy transition, including grid power, all fuels (including oil, gas, coal, nuclear, solar, wind, hydrogen and other emerging renewables), transportation systems, electric mobility, battery storage, and more. 

Join us, as we learn about transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables in the global race toward green energy. 

Maria McGowan is host of reimagined energy podcast

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The Reimagined Energy Podcast is a weekly renewable energy podcast featuring interviews with influential experts, academia, and organizations leading the way in sustainable business and clean technology.  This is a Sociable Media Inc. passion project

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