Sharing thoughts about reimagining energy and a sustainable future

Setting the Stage

In a recent episode of the Reimagined Energy Podcast, Maria McGowan explores the world of renewable energy in a vibrant conversation with Stephen Mildenberger, a dedicated enthusiast and early adopter of renewable technologies. Their dynamic discussion begins with Mildenberger recounting his personal discovery and passion for renewable energy, tracing back to a YouTube video that dissected the phenomena of early adoption and disruption in the energy sector. As a result, Mildenberger found himself immersed in subjects such as solar energy, electric vehicles (EVs), and carbon footprint reduction.

Towards a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Mildenberger’s journey towards sustainability is compelling. He walks listeners through the steps he took, from transitioning to electric heating and solar panels to investing in an electric vehicle. He strongly advocates for increased awareness about the detrimental impacts of fossil fuel consumption on the environment. Furthermore, he extends his commitment to sustainability to several lifestyle choices, such as using an electric lawn mower and exploring options for an electric outboard motor for his boat.

Advocacy and Community Involvement

As an energy advocate, Mildenberger emphasizes the significance of education and collaboration in promoting sustainable energy. He outlines his involvement in numerous groups and initiatives, such as the Electric Vehicle Association and providing pro bono consultancy for EV charger projects in residential buildings. His efforts particularly focus on addressing challenges like establishing EV charging infrastructure in condominiums and aiding small municipalities and private companies in transitioning towards clean energy.

Navigating the Information Overload

In the realm of renewable energy, sourcing trustworthy information can be a labyrinth. Mildenberger shares valuable advice regarding reliable sources, recommending platforms like Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Electric Autonomy, and Clean Energy Canada. He also encourages critical thinking when navigating conflicting information on subjects such as the carbon footprint of electric vehicles, advocating for a balanced and informed approach.

In conclusion, Mildenberger paints a picture of the energy landscape as a long-term experiment aiming for net zero emissions by 2050. He emphasizes the importance of patience, collaboration, and continuous learning in this journey of sustainable change. Through his proactive approach – from forming partnerships and advocating policy changes to educating the younger generation – Mildenberger sets an inspiring example for all striving for renewable energy and environmental stewardship.

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