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Unveiling the World of Renewable Energy Research with Dr. Wayne Groszko

On an episode of the Reimagined Energy Podcast, Dr. Wayne Groszko, an applied energy research scientist at the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), discusses his career trajectory into renewable energy research and stresses the immediate need to tackle the global climate crisis. His commendable work at NSCC revolves around engaging in practical research and development projects with local companies, and it covers a wide array of areas – renewable energy, sustainable energy, and energy storage.

Innovation at NSCC

Dr. Groszko takes us through the innovative projects he and his team are presently immersed in. These include testing novel solar panel technologies, investigating energy storage solutions through heat, and creatively transforming used batteries from electric vehicles into building energy storage systems. He also introduces us to the concept of bidirectional charging for electric vehicles, a groundbreaking development that could possibly feed energy back into buildings or the grid.

The Sea Salt Production Project

One project that stands out in the conversation is NSCC’s partnership with a local salt producer to modernize the process of sea salt production. By using innovative technologies such as solar water heaters and electrostatic drying, they aim to optimize production while minimizing environmental impact. Dr. Groszko also highlights the significance of collaborating with academic institutions like Dalhousie University to look into advanced technologies for sustainable food drying processes.

Fostering Future Renewable Energy Experts

Dr. Groszko further underscores the importance of involving students in applied research projects at NSCC. This involvement arms students with invaluable practical experience and offers career-opening internship opportunities. Besides discussing the promising job prospects in the renewable energy sector, he also gives a sneak peek into NSCC’s future plans. These include the establishment of a clean marine propulsion lab dedicated to designing and testing electric propulsion systems for marine vessels.


With visionaries like Dr. Groszko at the helm, NSCC is set on a promising trajectory toward piloting renewable energy innovations and building a sustainable future. His profound insights into the progressive world of renewable energy, the potential of practical research, and the growing opportunities in the field provide us with hope and direction in combating the looming climate crisis.

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