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Bridging the Climate Gap with Artificial Intelligence

The latest episode of the Reimagined Energy Podcast featured an insightful discussion with Winston from Climative, an ambitious, forward-thinking tech company that seeks to address one of our planet’s biggest challenges – climate change. Climative is a climate data platform that provides market-wide energy and climate assessments for buildings. The aim is to help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint through informed decisions and practical solutions.

The Future of Low-Carbon Buildings

Currently, buildings constitute nearly 20% of the world’s carbon emissions. To mitigate this, Climative employs the power of artificial intelligence to conduct detailed digital assessments of buildings. They provide homeowners with essential guidance on how to reduce their carbon output effectively. This approach works towards the goal of reaching net-zero or low-carbon status in buildings while initiating the much-needed conversation about climate responsibility.

Aiding the Climate Fight with Information

Climate change is a pressing issue and Climative is stepping in to help homeowners address it. Through their platform, they equip homeowners with useful tools to engage with the climate problem. The organization works together with various stakeholders like governments, utilities, and efficiency organizations to amplify their message and aid homeowners in understanding their climate impact.

Understanding rebates can be challenging for homeowners, as there are various sources of information and programs. Climative’s platform presents a solution by providing an independent evaluation of potential benefits to the homeowner’s property, based on national rebate programs. The platform uses machine learning and AI models to help homeowners quickly and efficiently make decisions that benefit both their pocket and the environment.

The Impact of Carbon Scores on Mortgages

A notable shift in the market is the advent of Canadian banks reporting carbon scores on mortgages. While the initial impact on homeowners might be minimal, it’s an indicator of future market trends. Banks will start collecting this data to inform potential programs and services. Winston anticipates that low interest mortgages might appear for low carbon homes, and homeowners could earn rewards for their eco-friendly efforts. Looking ahead, Climative plans to extend its reach and initiate more conversations with stakeholders and homeowners about the path to low-carbon living.

The Positive ROI of Retrofitting Your Home

Climative provides a valuable service in the fight against climate change. Homeowners now have access to a data platform that can provide them with vital knowledge, helping them understand the positive Return on Investment in retrofitting their homes. With Climate’s AI, they can make informed decisions that not only save money but also contribute significantly to reducing global carbon emissions.

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