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Johnny Beckett, co-founder of the Electric Vehicle Network (EVN), discusses his background and early experience with electric vehicles. He highlights the growth of the EV industry and the challenges it has faced, including backlash and misinformation. Beckett explains the concept behind EVN and its innovative mobile app, Rent Electric, which allows users to rent electric vehicles seamlessly. He also discusses the future of car dealerships and the role of EVN in the evolving industry. Beckett is a member of the Electric Vehicle Association of Atlantic Canada (EVAC) and emphasizes the importance of education and positive engagement in the EV community. He concludes by sharing the future plans for EVN, including testing and integration with charging infrastructure.

The Rise of Electric Vehicles

Johnny and Maria delve into the electric vehicle industry’s evolution, designating the introduction of the Model 3 as a monumental turning point. They examine both the opportunities and challenges, dissecting the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the changing consumer attitudes toward EVs. Beckett emphasizes the role of education and positive messaging in promoting widespread acceptance and uptake of electric vehicles.

Revolutionizing Rentals

Beckett shares how EVN is altering the car rental landscape by delivering a smooth, contactless experience via their Rent Electric app. Discussing the integration of charging infrastructure into the renting process, Beckett underscores how addressing consumer behaviour and misconceptions about EVs is of paramount importance for the industry’s continued success. The conversation shifts to an in-depth exploration of the future of car dealerships in light of the burgeoning EV industry. The duo discusses the move towards consumer-centric models and the hurdles traditional dealerships may face. Beckett highlights the need for comprehensive charging solutions and further education to surmount the obstacles blocking the path to broader EV adoption.

The Community’s Role in Promoting EVs

Winding the conversation down, Maria and Johnny reflect on the Electric Vehicle Association of Atlantic Canada (EVAC), with which Beckett is a founding member. They discuss the association’s growth, its commitment to education, and its positive community engagement. Beckett shares his plans for EVN and stresses the importance of continuous testing and adoption of new technologies to elevate the EV rental experience.

Shaping a Sustainable Future With the Power of EVs

This enlightening podcast episode reveals the dynamic landscape of electric vehicles, emphasizing the significance of education, innovation, and community involvement in promoting EVs. Johnny Beckett’s experience and EVN’s vision offer a glimpse into the potential for a seismic shift in both the car rental sphere and the wider EV market. As the sector continues to morph and grow, innovations like EVN and groups like EVAC are instrumental in determining the future shape of sustainable transportation.

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